June 10, 2023

'That's a Vitalin dog' launches on ITV, Channel 4 & Sky

Vitalin, one of the UK’s oldest pet food brands, entrusted us with the launch of its first TV campaign.

Our 30 second TV ad, and accompanying online campaign: ‘That’s a Vitalin Dog’ will run across ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, plus across online display and social channels.

The commercial alludes to Vitalin’s heritage as a 71-year old British brand, while bringing it up to date for modern dog owners. The ‘That’s a Vitalin Dog’ catchphrase forms part of a brand platform which Vitalin will extend across all areas of marketing.

We shot the ad entirely in the UK (complete with British winter weather). The creative centres on the British love for animals, and focuses on beautiful, playful dogs – with people looking on admiringly and uttering the catchphrase ‘That’s a Vitalin Dog’.

The ad also references the locally sourced ingredients – a unique offering in the space – and embeds the brand firmly in the British countryside, where it was founded 71 years ago.

To shoot the ad, we worked with director Katie Bell, who has many years of experience working on commercials with children and animals for some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Sam Ojari, managing director at Studio Yes:
“Vitalin wanted an ad that made a big impact on viewers – generating instant trust and understanding. They needed to communicate their deep knowledge and love for dogs, the quality of their product, and their connections to the UK countryside.
“And – they needed to be memorable – so we returned to the power of the catchphrase. ‘That’s a Vitalin Dog’ is a brand platform as well as a catchy tagline, and it encompasses so much about the brand – their love for dogs, and the research and care that goes into the products that pets love.