Manscaped | We need to talk about your balls

The Queen

Amercian male grooming brand Manscaped briefed us to create a film that launched the Lawnmower 4.0 in UK and Europe as well as building brand awareness and driving product sales. The film ran as a TV commercial as well as online.

We moved Manscaped on from their trademark American ‘bro humour’ and made them relevant to the UK by utilising some world class British comedy writing.  Using euphemisms we are able to skirt around the awkwardness of talking about balls, and deliver a large list of technical product points in a way that’s enjoyable to watch.

We created a creative platform around sports, allowing us to speak facts about how to maintain balls without getting into trouble with the broadcasters. Snooker, the game with the world’s smoothest balls, was a natural place to start, with a protagonist that has a certain charm, and well, smoothness.

We went on to create a series of sport-related content for Manscaped across various markets globally.



Best performing ad for Manscaped
Released in 3 territories
Online views