Oddbox | Proud to be Odd

MarySue Masson

We were tasked with creating Oddbox’s first TV campaign. Our brief was to introduce brand to a national audience in the UK, drive sales and increase brand awareness.

The core audience of conscious foodies want to make positive changes without making life-altering sacrifices. Oddbox is a mission-led brand offering a delicious and delivered way of enjoying fruit and veg that would have otherwise gone to waste (food waste is one of the major contributors to climate change). Digging into the audience, we found a community of Oddboxers who were proud to receive their boxes, and a simple truth that it feels good when you do something positive for the planet. By thinking odd, Oddbox have created a product that gives people more; more variety and seasonality, more of a community, more excitement AND the warm glow of knowing you are doing something positive for the planet. Life is just better when it’s Odd.

With our campaign ‘Proud to be Odd’ we conveyed the warmth and sense of community that Oddboxers feel, as well as the huge sense of pride a planet-saving spud can give you. We used improv comedians to bring out the humour and give the ad an uplifting feel – despite its worthy subject matter.

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